Walkabout – Pedometer M7 icon

Walkabout – Pedometer M7

"A walkabout is a rite of passage where young male Aborigines would go on a journey for six months in search of their ancestors path."

Measure your daily steps

  • Walkabout – Pedometer M7 - iphone1
  • Walkabout – Pedometer M7 - iphone1

In todays society most people work behind desks,
which is not healthy at all. I could count myself to that category.

This is why i made this App. With the help of the new M7 Motion processor you will now realize how many steps you make a day.
In my case it helped me realize that I have to go for a walk more often in order to stay healthy. The usual desk job guy only makes about 1500 steps a day!

People walking 10000 steps a day, burn between 2000 and 3500 calories. Sport medics and scientists confirmed that walking 10000 steps a day will help you lower your blood pressure, and decreases the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack significantly!

So go ahead and check your steps daily! Or even better go on a walkabout 🙂